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HR-201 Authorization for Personnel Action


The Board of Curators has delegated authority for personnel actions to the President who has, by issuance of Executive Order No. 6 (CRR 320.030), redelegated a portion of that authority to the Chancellors and Vice Presidents.

If any part of this policy does not reflect the Collected Rules and Regulations (CRR), the provisions of the CRR will govern.


Please refer to the following Collected Rules and Regulations:

Section 320.020: President’s Authority, including:

  • Academic appointment personnel decisions
  • Academic appointment separations

Section 320.030: Delegation of Authority, including:

  • Chancellors’ authority to approve personnel actions
  • Vice Presidents authority to approve personnel actions
  • Redelegation of authority

Further Policy Provisions

Documentation associated with Redelegation of Authority must be copied and filed with the campus Human Resources office.

See Also

Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 320.020: President’s Authority
Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 320.030: Delegation of Authority

Date Created: 09/26/1997
Updated: 11/01/2001; 09/01/2007; 05/05/2022 (reformat)


Reviewed 2022-05-05