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Other Forms

The forms listed on the following pages can either be filled out online and then printed or printed and filled out by hand.

Forms are in Microsoft Excel and/or Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.pdf) format. In order to fill out .pdf forms online, you must have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader version 4.0 or higher. If you use Adobe Reader you WILL NOT be able to save your files; you can only fill and print the forms. To download a free copy of the current version of Adobe Reader, click on the Acrobat Reader icon below and following the simple online instructions.

Form Form Number Format Last Update
Assumption of Risk and Release Form UM 53 .pdf * 10/30/2003
Bid Summary UM 54 .pdf* 7/6/2004
Harland Deposit Supply Order - Columbia Campus UM 50A .pdf * 4/21/2016
Electronic Storage Devices Residual Data Disposal Certificate UM 31 Excel 4/20/2010
Harland Deposit Supply Order - Hospital UM 50B .pdf * 4/21/2016
Meningococcal Vaccination Policy Compliance Form UM 55 .pdf * 9/12/2014
Property Inventory and Change Report UM 27 Excel 9/7/2017
Vehicle Fuel Log UM 73 Excel 11/14/2005
Vehicle Maintenance Log UM 74 Excel 11/14/2005
Vehicle Usage Log UM 72 Excel 11/14/2005

* A "Reset" button was added to the bottom of these forms. This button will clear input data from fields without having to exit the application. This button is visible on screen but will not print when the form is printed.

Reviewed 2024-03-26