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Certificates of Insurance


A certificate of insurance demonstrates evidence of an insurance policy. It may be issued by an insurer, insurance agent or broker. A certificate of insurance should include the following:

  • Name of the insurance company and NAIC number
  • Policy number and period
  • Name of the insured and address
  • Description of coverage
  • Policy limits
  • Description and locations of operation
  • Name and address of certificate holder
  • Notice of cancellation provision
  • Authorized signature and date
Receiving Certificates of Insurance

The University of Missouri buys products and services from many businesses every year. The University requires proof of insurance from many vendors, with the specific requirements stated in the contract. The types and amounts of insurance required will be dependent on the services that are being provided and the obligations of the parties under the contract. 

When requesting a certificate of insurance from a vendor or organization providing low risk services, we require a minimum of the following:

  • General liability $1 million/occurrence and $3 million/aggregate
  • Auto $1 million combined single limit/Any auto
  • Workers' Compensation - statutory and employment liability of $500,000
  • The Curators of the University of Missouri endorsed as additional insured
  • Any carrier providing coverage shall have a minimum "Best" rating of "A- VIII"

Contractor may satisfy the minimum liability limits required for Commercial General Liability or Business Auto Liability under an Umbrella or Excess Liability policy. There is no minimum per occurrence limit of liability under the Umbrella or Excess Liability; however, the Annual Aggregate limit shall not be less than the highest "Each Occurrence" limit for either Commercial General Liability or Business Auto Liability. Contractor agrees to endorse the University as an Additional Insured on the Umbrella or Excess Liability, unless the Certificate of Insurance state the Umbrella or Excess Liability provides coverage on a "Follow-Form" basis.

Here are our insurance specifications:

The University reserves the right to require higher limits on any contract provided notice of such requirement is stated in the request for proposals for such contract.

Failure to maintain the required insurance in force may be cause for contract termination.  In the event the Contractor fails to maintain and keep in force the required insurance, the University shall have the right to cancel and terminate the contract without notice.

Requesting Proof of University coverage

To request proof by coverage:

Professional Liability (Medical Malpractice) coverage, please complete the Professional Liability Verification form and email to All the information must be complete to fulfill the request. If you also need a claims history included please attached the completed release from the requesting health care provider. The history will not be provided without a signed release authorizing us to provide it.


The Curators of the University of Missouri insurance or self-funded General Liability, Auto, Property or Workers' Compensation coverage, please use our online request form. Or, you may submit an email that includes the items noted below 

  • Certificate Holder contact, name and address (entity whom the proof is to be issued)
  • Events or services: purpose, location, date(s)
  • The type and amount of insurance required
  • Attach a copy of the contract/letter/etc

For your convenience, a generic insurance certificate is provided here in pdf format.

Please allow at least 10 - 14 business days for processing.

Reviewed 2024-06-12

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