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Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Drones, and other Model Aircraft

The use of unmanned aircraft systems (commonly referred to as drones), as well as other remotely operated model aircraft (together referred to as “UAS” or “UASs") pose inherent risks to the health, security, and privacy of the University of Missouri community and individuals in the surrounding community. Therefore, the recreational use of UAS is prohibited on all property owned or controlled by the University of Missouri and during University sponsored events without prior authorization.

Faculty, staff, students, and outside vendors seeking to use a UAS on or off of the University property (e.g. research, instruction, and marketing, or other University purpose) must submit a permit application for UAS use. Applicants must satisfy all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements regarding the operation of the UAS, including the necessary pilot certification prior to UAS use must obtain a University UAS permit and observe FAA rules and restrictions.  Requests for UAS use will be approved through the campus designee in consideration of federal and state law regarding the operation and regulation of UASs.

Persons violating this policy will be subject to discipline under University policies, and may be subject to criminal and civil penalties and liability under federal and state law. Area law enforcement and emergency management agencies are exempt from the application requirement for official law enforcement and emergency response efforts. 

Reviewed 2022-09-07

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