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Property Insurance FAQs

Is my personal computer (or other equipment) covered if I use it at work?

Personal property of employees is not covered by university insurance.

Is university property covered for losses when it is in my home or my personal vehicle?

Property which is covered by one of the university's property insurance options is covered anywhere in the world. Such property may also be insured automatically through the employee's homeowner’s/renters insurance.

Is property leased or rented by my department covered under Business Personal Property Insurance?

Yes, provided you have a contractual obligation to do so. However the $1,000 deductible is the responsibility of the department.

How much personal property insurance do we need?

All of your business personal property is covered subject to $1,000 deductible.

Our department recently purchased $50,000 worth of new computers; how do we get them covered?

They are covered automatically.

We had a theft; what do I do?

File a Disappearance of Assets and Money Report (UM Form 155) with your campus coordinator.

Note: As theft items are often recovered, theft claims are not settled for 30 days to allow time for possible recovery.

We had water damage from a steam leak; what do I do?

The first obligation in the event of any property loss is to take appropriate action to minimize the impact of the loss. This may mean relocating equipment, furniture, files, etc. out of harm's way; calling maintenance or other departments. Preserve any damaged equipment until its value can be substantiated.

File a claim form (UM Form 69) within 24 hours to your campus coordinator.


Reviewed 2024-03-07

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