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General Liability

Coverage Overview

The self-funded General Liability plan provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage liability arising from ownership or use of buildings or premises and/or legal liability arising from university operations. All university officers, agents, employees, authorized volunteers and authorized students are covered under this program.

Reporting a Claim

Claims are to be made using the Student or General Public Injury and Property Damage Report, Form UM-200. These reports must be submitted via link provided or typed and submitted to the appropriate campus contact within 48 hours after the accident or incident occurred.

The campus contact must forward the report to the following within 72 hours after the accident or incident:

  • Brentwood Services Administrators Inc.
    PO Box 4605
    Chesterfield MO 63006-4605
    Phone 800-524-0604 or 615-263-1300
    Fax 615-724-9446

Reviewed 2024-03-14

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