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Records Center User Guide - Step 1: Order Supplies

Step 1: Order Supplies

You will need some basic supplies to prepare records for shipment to the Records Center. We recommend you obtain supplies as needed rather than maintain a large quantity in your office.


All records sent to the Records Center must be in approved Records Center boxes.

Records Center boxes are purchased from Printing Services on the Columbia campus at: http://ps.missouri.edu/PS2/upload/stationery/HTMLFlash/storageBox/.


Obtain the Records Center forms listed below at: http://www.umsystem.edu/ums/fa/management/records/forms/records/

  • UM 34: Transmittal of Records to University Records Center
    • The transmittal form identifies the records being sent to the Records Center. Up to fifteen (15) boxes may be listed on a transmittal form.

The Records Center forms below are obtained by sending an email to Records Center at centeru@umsystem.edu or by calling 573-882-7652:

  • UM 121: Records Center Box Label
    • Identifies box is sent for storage. One label is needed per box.
  • UM 176A: Dispose Of This Box Upon Receipt

    • Used to identify box sent for destruction.  One label is needed per box.
  • Records Center Courier Shipping Label (for Rolla, Kansas City and St. Louis)

    • Denotes number of boxes in shipment.

Reviewed 2018-09-07.