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HR-107 Attendance


Dependable and prompt attendance is an essential function of every position at the University. The efficiency of the entire work group is impaired if individuals are not present when expected. Planned absences such as vacations should be scheduled in advance. Unscheduled absences and tardiness are particularly disruptive and must be kept to an absolute minimum. This policy contains guidelines for attendance practices; departments may establish specific departmental rules with the approval of the University, MU Health Care, or UM System Human Resources.

HR Policy Provisions

  1. Absences
    1. Scheduled
      1. Planned absences and other excused absences with or without pay must be requested and approved in advance.
      2. Medical appointments and scheduled surgery must also be approved by the supervisor.
    2. Unscheduled Unplanned absences can be detrimental to work place efficiency. In the case of sudden illness or other unexpected circumstances, an employee should notify their supervisor immediately. If this is not possible, a family member should alert the supervisor as soon as possible to explain the situation and indicate the expected date and time of return.
  2. Tardiness
    1. An employee should notify their supervisor as soon as possible of any anticipated tardiness.
      • If unforeseen circumstances cause tardiness of 30 minutes or more, an employee should call the supervisor immediately.
    2. Nonexempt employees who are late will have a pay reduction unless arrangements are made with the supervisor to make up time lost as a result of the tardiness within the same work week.
  3. Discipline Employees who are frequently tardy or absent or who fail to follow approved departmental guidelines for notification are subject to disciplinary procedures up to and including termination.
  4. Reporting Absences
    1. All absences from work including vacation, sick leave, personal days, or other excused or unexcused absences must be reported in the University’s time reporting system and approved by the supervisor.
      • Supervisors are responsible for assuring that time is submitted in a timely fashion and that absences are properly recorded.
    2. Absences without pay of 30 calendar days or more may require an approved Leave of Absence.

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Date Created: 09/26/1997
Updated: 07/21/1998; 10/29/2020

Reviewed 2020-10-30