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HR-125 Employment Records Q&A

  1. What are some examples of personnel file documents?
    Employment personnel records may include, but are not limited to the following examples:
    • Hiring records such as application for employment, offer and acceptance letters, relocation agreements, etc.
    • Academic employee records such as academic appointment letters, faculty conduct letters, tenure and emeritus recognition, academic 3rd-year review, promotion and tenure documents, etc.
    • Timesheet, absence reports, payroll records, and salary history
    • Performance management records such as position descriptions, performance expectations, recognition and awards, coaching, and disciplinary or corrective action.
    • Separation letters such as resignations, terminations, end of appointments, and layoff letters and agreements.

    Some documents, while part of the Personnel File, are kept in separate files as required by law or best practices. Examples include I-9 documents and medical documents.

  2. What is not included in an employee’s Personnel File?
    Documents that are not part of the Personnel File include, but are not limited to, supervisor notes, investigation notes, Title IX records, and grievance records.  
  3. How long are attendance-related discipline letters in a personnel file?
    If an employee's record has been free of written warnings, reprimands, or disciplinary actions related to attendance or tardiness for two (2) years of continuous employment, the University shall not base any current disciplinary actions related to attendance or tardiness on the earlier warnings, reprimands or disciplinary actions.

    If, however, additional warnings, reprimands, or suspensions related to attendance or tardiness have been given during the past two (2) years, then the employee's entire record will be considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action.

    For all other warnings, reprimands, or disciplinary actions, such as actions related to non-attendance performance, discrimination, and sexual harassment, no such time limitation applies.

  4. What type of documents can be retained in the department, college, school, or division?
    Documents retained outside the personnel file may include correspondence notes; faculty and staff meeting notes; copies of records for accreditation reviews; supervisor notes for performance management, and others as approved by Human Resources.
  5. What is the process to request a copy of my personnel file?
    Copies of documents from your Personnel File may be issued upon request made with reasonable notice. Please contact your campus, hospital, or system human resources department to request such copies. A fee may be charged to cover costs associated with responding to such requests.
  6. What if an employee disagrees with information in the Personnel file?
    Employees who dispute the accuracy or completeness of information in their Personnel File should discuss their concerns with Human Resources. If it is determined the information shall remain in the file, the employee may submit a brief written statement to include with the disputed document(s).
  7. Can an employee’s representative request to view my personnel file?
    No. However, employees may share a hard copy of their personnel file documents. To obtain a copy, employees may request copies from Human Resources with reasonable notice. A fee may be charged to cover costs associated with responding to such requests.

Date Created: 05/01/2021

Reviewed 2021-04-26