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Benefits (HR-300)

HR-302 Identification Cards


An ID card may be required for admission to or participation in various University programs or to use University facilities and services as determined by each campus. Unauthorized use of an ID card is a serious offense which could lead to the termination of the employee involved.


Identification cards are issued to all regular employees, both administrative, service & support and academic employees. Variable Hour Employees and courtesy appointees may be issued an ID card. ID cards remain valid until employment with the University is terminated. When an employee terminates employment with the University, the ID card must be surrendered to either the immediate supervisor or Human Resource Services. Employees who retire from the University will be issued Retired Staff Identification cards upon approval of the appropriate retirement application.

Replacement Cards

Lost identification cards must be reported to the employee's immediate supervisor and in turn to the campus Police Department and Human Resource Services. A new ID card will be issued to replace a lost card. Other changes which make a card incorrect or outdated should be reported to Human Resource Services which will determine if a new card must be issued.

Date Created: 09/26/1997

Last Updated: 09/15/2013