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HR-305 Service Recognition Q&As

  1. How are years of service calculated?
    Service recognition is calculated on continuous years of benefit-eligible service. For example, if an employee terminates employment and then returns at a later date, the calculation for years of service starts over based on the begin date of the latest benefit-eligible service.
  2. Do academic years of service count if an employee moves into an administrative position?
    Yes. Any years of continuous benefit-eligible service are counted.
  3. Is an employee still eligible for a service award if the employee transfers from an administrative position to an academic position?
    Once an employee moves to an academic position, they are no longer eligible to participate in this program unless they later return to an administrative position.


Date Created: 07/01/2012
Updated: 06/01/2020; 10/29/2020

Reviewed 2020-10-30