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HR-403 Personal Days


The University provides paid personal days to eligible employees to encourage time off to be used at the discretion of the employee. This policy applies to all benefit-eligible Administrative, Service & Support employees and certain non-regular academic employees as approved by the Chancellor and President.

Employees with primary titles that are Administrative, Service & Support who are exempt from classification because their positions are primarily directing instructional, or research activities are not subject to this policy.

If any part of this policy does not reflect the Collected Rules and Regulations (CRR), the provisions of the CRR will govern.

CRR and Policy Provisions below will sunset as of 12/31/2024.


HR-403 policy provisions below are in accordance with CRR 340.060 (Amended 9-7-2022):

  1. Policy – Accrual of personal days will be suspended as of 01/01/2024. Any remaining unused personal days will be available for use by employees prior to the end of the employee’s anniversary date in 2024. All unused personal days are lost at the end of the employee’s anniversary date in 2024, even if the employee is on leave.
  2. Eligible Employees – Benefit-eligible full-time administrative, service and support employees and certain non-regular academic employees as approved by the chancellor and president who have unused personal day balances as of 01/01/2024.
  3. Using Personal Days
    1. Employees should plan in advance of the need for time off and submit requests to supervisors for approval prior to being absent. Supervisors have the responsibility of approving or denying time off requests.
    2. Personal days will not be considered as time worked for purposes of calculating overtime. See HR-211.
    3. Non-exempt employees required to work on a previously approved personal day receive 1 1/2 times their regular straight-time wage rate for the hours worked and may retain the personal day or elect to receive their regular pay for the personal day. Time reporting for employees who elect to receive their regular pay for the personal day should be treated as if they had worked a holiday.
  4. Unused Personal Days
    1. Any balance of unused personal days is transferred with an employee transferring from one department or campus to another.
    2. Upon separation or an employment change to a position which is not eligible for personal days are encouraged to work with their supervisor to schedule time off before the status change is in effect; otherwise, all remaining personal days will be forfeited.
  5. Procedure information
    1. Employees must work with their supervisor to plan for time off.
    2. Time off using Personal Days must be recorded in the University’s timekeeping system as part of the regular payroll processing cycle.
  6. Sunset – This policy will be suspended as of 12/31/2024.

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Date Effective: Posted 10-01-2023 with an effective date of 01-01-2024
Date Revised:

Reviewed 2024-02-09