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HR-411 Voting


In compliance with the laws of the State of Missouri, all University employees may receive time off with pay for the purpose of voting. The term election shall be interpreted as including all elections which place local, state and national candidates and/or issues before the general public.


Any employee who is qualified and eligible to vote in any election held within the State of Missouri shall be excused from duty for a period necessary to allow three (3) successive hours for the purpose of voting, such period to include any off-duty time between the opening and closing of the polls. The employee shall be paid for any time requiring absence from duty to allow three (3) successive hours; provided, however, that such absence is requested prior to election day. The supervisor shall have the right to specify the time an employee may be absent for voting. An employee whose hours of work permit three (3) successive hours between the opening and closing of the polls when not on duty, will not be eligible for any paid time off for the purpose of voting.

An employee who commutes should arrange to cast an absentee ballot when, because of his/her travel arrangements, the voting place cannot be reached within the three (3) successive hours between the opening and closing of the polls. An employee who is a resident of another state and who commutes to work from another state shall be treated the same as a resident of Missouri in the case of a national election and primary held in preparation of a national election but shall not be granted any paid time off for the purpose of voting in any state or local elections.


A Report of Absence must be submitted for any absence required in order for an employee to be allowed the time off for voting as allowed by provisions of this policy. Employees required to maintain payroll time records should enter actual reporting and leaving times regardless of normal working hours. Enter "voting" in parentheses on the same line and enter the total number of hours for which payment is to be made for that day.

Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated: 6/15/08

Reviewed 2019-08-12