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HR-413 Administrative Leave for Administrative, Service, and Support Staff


Administrative leave is a paid time away from work at the direction of the University.

If any part of this policy does not reflect the Collected Rules and Regulations (CRR), the provisions of the CRR will govern.

HR Policy Provisions

HR-413 policy provisions below are in accordance with CRR 340.080:

  1. Purpose - Administrative leave is paid time off from work on those rare occasions when the employee is absent from the worksite at the direction of the University. Administrative leave is not an entitlement or benefit.
  2. Eligibility - Benefit-eligible administrative, service, and support employees are eligible for administrative leave.
  3. Approvals - Administrative leave must be authorized by the President, Vice President, Chancellor, or designee.
  4. Compensation and Benefits 
    1. Administrative leave is paid time off without the loss of accrued paid time off (e.g., PTO).
    2. Administrative leave provides 100% pay based on the employee’s Annual Base Benefit Rate (ABBR) or equivalent when the leave begins, without loss of paid time off (e.g., PTO, sick, etc.). ABBR is the base rate of employees’ earnings (e.g., their hourly rate of pay). It includes income before pre-tax contributions are made to flexible spending accounts or deferred compensation plans. ABBR does not include other income received such as overtime pay, shift differentials, incentive payments, or employer contributions to retirement plans.
    3. Additional leave of absence (LOA) information
      1. Employees continue to accrue paid time off (PTO) during paid LOAs.

        1. The period of paid administrative leave is counted as length of service in computing PTO accrual rates.

        2. PTO accruals become available to the employee after returning to work in an active status.

      2. Employees eligible for other available leave during approved LOAs (e.g., holiday pay, winter break pay) are eligible to receive such pay during a paid LOA. However, in no case should the combination of paid leaves exceed the employee’s base pay.
      3. During a paid and unpaid LOA, employees are eligible to continue participation in the university's benefit programs (medical, dental, life, vision, etc.). Employees are responsible for their portion of the premium costs for coverage to continue.
      4. During a paid LOA, employee contributions to retirement programs and other required deductions (e.g., garnishments) will continue. Voluntary deductions will continue unless approved or directed to stop by the authorizing organization (e.g., parking, union dues).
    4. Whether or not a LOA is credited towards vesting, service, or salary credit for members of the Defined Benefit Plan or Hybrid Plan is based on the type of leave granted (e.g., FMLA Leave or Personal Leave) in accordance with CRR 530.010. For participants in the Defined Contribution Plan, the leave period is not considered a break in service in calculating vesting service.
  5. Procedures 
    1. Administrative leaves must be approved before time off is granted.
    2. Personnel action form (ePAF) must be processed timely, if applicable.
    3. Time off for Administrative Leave must be recorded in the University’s timekeeping system as part of the active payroll processing cycle.
    4. An ePAF may be required to return the employee to regular payroll status.
    5. If an employee fails to return to work, or is separated from the University, an ePAF is necessary to initiate employment separation.

See Also

CRR Section 340.080: Administrative Leave

Date created: 09/26/1997
Updated: 10/13/1998; 12/01/2003; 03/01/2007; 02/01/2012/ 09/01/2012; 01/01/2014; 07/01/2020; posted 12/23/23 with an effective date of 01/01/2024

Reviewed 2023-12-22