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HR-501 Performance Appraisals


The purposes of performance appraisals are (1) to provide a fair and equitable basis for evaluating employee performance, (2) to  improve communication related to performance, (3) to clarify expectations related to the position description and the University’s mission, values and goals, (4) to provide a method to recognize and reward employee performance and improve productivity and performance of the University, (5) to guide professional development by identifying employee training and development needs and (6) to serve as one of the criteria for determining salary increases.


Performance appraisals are mandatory for Regular administrative, service and support staff and highly recommended for Administrative, Service and Support Variable Hour employees. Performance appraisals must be completed on an annual basis.  The employee’s manager or supervisor should complete the appraisal, discuss the appraisal with the employee and provide an opportunity for feedback. 

Completed appraisals will be retained by Human Resources.  The performance appraisal process and procedures will be determined by campus Human Resources.

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