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HR-503 Rest Periods


The University will designate rest periods for employees during the normal work day when possible.


Per Collected Rules and Regulations (CRR) 340.170: Rest Periods (Amended Bd. Min. 7-22-83):

In most cases, employees will be given two 15-minute rest periods during the "normal" work day, the periods are to be designated by the University. Employees working in departments responsible for serving two meal periods may be given only one rest period during the two meal periods because of the work and lunch schedules of the employees.

Further Policy Provisions

Additional HR-503 policy provisions below in accordance with CRR 340.170:


  1. Employees scheduled to work less than a normal full work day may be permitted one (1) 15-minute rest period during any four (4) consecutive hours of work.
  2. Employees shall not be permitted to relinquish rest periods for the purpose of making up lost time due to:
    1. tardiness;
    2. absences; or
    3. early departure from work.


Date Created: 09/26/1997

Updated: 07/21/1998; 11/01/2020

Reviewed 2020-11-04