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HR-509 Political Activity


This policy establishes rules concerning political activity by employees, including academic and administrative, service and support, and the candidacy for or holding of public office by employees.


Per Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 330.050: Political Activities (Amended 7-28-20):

  1. Regulations -- The following are the regulations concerning political activity and holding of public office by University employees:
    1. Activity in Political Party Organizations:
      1. Employees may engage in lawful political activities:
        (1) Of organizations of political parties qualified to place candidates on the ballot in accordance with Missouri Statutes or of political parties seeking such qualification.
        (2) Of nonparties or bipartisan groups seeking the election of candidates to public office or the approval or disapproval of issues which are or may be submitted to the voters for approval, or
        (3) On behalf of individual candidates for public office, including candidates for membership of any political committee established pursuant to Chapter 115 or 130, R.S.Mo.
      2. Such activity, like any other personal, non-official undertaking, must be done on the individual's own time and should not interfere with University duties.
      3. Employees may contribute funds to the above parties, groups or candidates or expend funds on behalf of the above parties, groups, candidates or issues, subject only to State and Federal laws which regulate political contributions.
    2. Election to or Holding Public Office -- Any employee before announcing officially as a candidate for or accepts any public office must inform the employee's superior officer of such intention and such officer must make the fact known to the President of the University through appropriate channels. If the regulations permit, the President will offer no objection to the candidacy provided it does not require time or attention that should be given to University duties.
      1. Subject to the requirements of Notice to the President, an employee may, without permission of the President become a candidate for and hold a part time position of public office, provided that such activity must be conducted on the individual's own time and shall not interfere with University duties. In case of doubt, the President shall decide if the candidacy is permissible under these regulations.
      2. Any University employee seeking election to any full time public office in local, county, state or the federal government or exploring whether to seek such an office must resign or be granted a leave of absence as of the earliest of the following dates: the date of registration of an exploratory committee with the appropriate local, state or federal campaign finance authority; the date of registration of a candidate committee with the appropriate local, state or federal campaign finance authority; or the date of filing in the primary. Before accepting such an office, a person is required to resign from the University as of the first day in public office if the person has not already done so. The holding of such public office is forbidden while the person is employed by the University.

Further HR Policy Provisions

Additional HR-509 policy provisions below in accordance with CRR 330.050:

  1. The eligible employee must provide notice of the intent to seek public office regardless of whether the employee considers the office to be full-time or part-time.
    • Employees shall provide notice to their supervisor. Supervisors are responsible for notifying the Chancellor, who will then notifiy the President.
    • The determination on an office being full-time or part-time will be made by the president.
    • Some offices, for example the Missouri General Assembly, should be considered full-time although not in session for the entire year.
  2. An employee on a leave of absence who is seeking office will be placed on an unpaid personal leave of absence, except in an instance when paid leave is required by law.

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Date Created: 09/26/1997
Last Updated: 04/01/2005; 07/01/2020

Reviewed 2020-10-30