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HR-211 Overtime


Overtime will be paid at the rate specified by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) following provisions applicable to the University. This policy applies to non-exempt employees regardless of title. Employees who work overtime without authorization must be paid for the hours worked or appropriate compensatory time provided. However, working unauthorized overtime may be cause for disciplinary action.  Note: MU Health Care (Hospitals and Clinics) for purposes of this policy, is a separate organizational unit and its employees are not eligible for compensatory time in lieu of pay.


Overtime is all hours worked by an employee for the University that are in excess of 40 hours in a workweek (or in excess of the FLSA approved standard for police and certain hospital employees). Hours paid but not actually worked including, but not limited to, vacation, personal days, sick leave, holidays, voting and compensatory time do not apply toward the calculation of overtime. Overtime will be one and one-half of the employee's regular straight time wage rate, plus the value of University paid meals, pay differentials, incentives and other forms of compensation earned during the period when overtime is worked.

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Date Created: 9/26/1997

Last Updated: 4/7/2017


Reviewed 2019-08-12