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HR-218 Daylight Saving Time


Payment for Daylight Saving Time conversion is for actual time worked.

HR Policy Provisions

  1. In changing from Central Standard Time to Central Daylight Saving Time, non-exempt (hourly) employees working only seven (7) hours as a result of the change are paid for actual time worked, or seven (7) hours.
  2. In returning from Daylight Saving Time to Central Standard Time, non-exempt (hourly) employees required to work a nine (9) hour shift are paid premium pay for the additional hour if in excess of 40 hours for the workweek (or in excess of the Fair Labor Standards Act approved standard for certain policy and hospital employees).
  3. Work Schedules during the workweek are not to be changed because of this wage-hour overtime regulation.

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Date Created: 09/26/1997
Updated: 07/21/1998; 07/15/2020

Reviewed 2020-07-17