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Compensation (HR-200)

HR-219 Pay Periods


University employees are paid on a monthly or bi-weekly schedule. Exempt employees are paid monthly and nonexempt employees are paid bi-weekly.

Pay Periods

The monthly payroll period begins the first day of the month and ends the last day of the month with payment being made on the last regularly scheduled workday (Monday - Friday) of the month. Faculty on a 12-month, Fully Benefit Eligible Academic Appointment with 9-month service basis may be paid for the period of service (i.e., 9 months) or have their 9 month pay allocated over 12 months, at the option of the faculty member. Such election may occur once per year. For newly hired faculty who fail to make a timely election, the default pay option for the first year will be for the period of service (i.e., allocated over 9 months).

The bi-weekly payroll period begins Sunday (12:01 a.m.) of one week and ends Saturday (12:00 midnight) of the following week with payment being made on Wednesday, 11 calendar days thereafter. If the payment date falls on an official University holiday, payment is made on the preceding Tuesday. Hours worked in shifts that cross midnight will be counted as hours worked on the day in which the shift starts. Any deviation from the bi-weekly payroll period must have the prior approval of UM Human Resources.

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Date Created: 9/26/1997

Last Updated: 09/01/2013