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Compensation (HR-200)

HR-220 Monthly Payroll

This policy is currently under review.


Monthly Salary Rosters (Webtime) showing amounts of salary to be paid are generated from information recorded on required forms. Monthly payroll is based on exception reporting. Employees will be paid amounts reflected in Webtime unless adjustments are submitted by the department.

Required Forms:

The Personnel Action Form (PAF) (UMUW Form 270) must be submitted to place an exempt employee on the monthly payroll. For new hires, Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9), Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4/MO W-4), Direct Deposit (UMUW Form 32B) and Appointment Notification Form (UMUW Form 269)(except student employees) must be attached, as well as a Personal Data Form(UMUW Form 272). Miscellaneous payments must be submitted on the Additional Pay Form (UMUW Form 271). If applicable, Foreign Visitor Tax assessment Intake Form (UMUW Form 374) must be included. Actual cutoff dates vary by the month. Exact dates may be obtained from the HR/Payroll Office.


The department chairperson or other authorized representative is responsible for reviewing and approving all amounts paid and for verifying the services required or effort provided have been rendered.


Adjustments to the monthly salary roster (Webtime) are recorded on the Monthly Change Form, Turnaround PAF or Additional Pay Form, and returned to the HR/Payroll Office for processing. Cutoff dates for submitting adjustments vary by month and may be obtained from the HR/Payroll office.

Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated: 7/01/04