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HR-221 Bi-Weekly Payroll


The University compensates nonexempt employees on a bi-weekly. This policy provides procedures that assist in maintaining processes for bi-weekly payroll.

HR Policy Provisions

Bi-Weekly payroll showing time to be paid is recorded in the University’s central payroll system. Bi-weekly payroll is based on “positive reporting”, which means employees will be paid based on hours entered/reported in the payroll system. Time records are required in support of all time paid for nonexempt employees. The total hours paid include the hours actually worked and any hours not actually worked but paid as vacation, sick leave, personal day(s) or absence with pay in accordance with provisions of University policy.

  1. Procedures
    1. Requirements
      The following forms must be completed and submitted to Human Resource Services prior to placing a nonexempt employee on the bi-weekly payroll:
      1. New Hires

        a. Personnel Action Form
        b. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9);
        c. Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4/MO W-4);
        d. Direct Deposit;
        e. Appointment Notification Form (except student employees); and
        f. Personal Data Form

      2. Transfers

        a. Personnel Action Form

      3. Miscellaneous (if applicable)

        a. Additional Pay Form
        b. Foreign Visitor Tax Assessment Intake Form

      Cutoff and due dates may vary with each payroll period. Exact dates may be obtained from the HR/Payroll Office.

  2. Authorization
    1. The department head or other authorized representative is responsible for reviewing and approving all amounts paid and for verifying that the services required or effort provided have been rendered.
  3. Adjustments
    1. Adjustments to the bi-weekly payroll are recorded in the University's central payroll system for processing. Cutoff dates for submitting adjustments may be obtained from the HR/Payroll Office.

Date Created: 09/26/1997

Updated: 07/01/2004; 09/01/2006; 10/01/2019

Reviewed 2019-10-23