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HR-223 Special Payments


Salary and wage payments at times other than normal payroll check release dates are discouraged. In the event that a special payment (off-cycle payment) is issued, there will be a charge to cover administrative costs unless the failure to issue a check was through no fault of the employee or the department processing the required paperwork.

HR Policy Provisions

  1. Policy
    1. Definition of “Off-Cycle Payment” – A salary and wage payment that is processed at times other than the normal payroll release dates.
    2. Requests for payroll off-cycle payments will be assessed as a campus administrative fee.
      1. The processing of such payments is costly to the University; thus, the fee is intended to cover those costs and to motivate departments to significantly reduce the volume of such requests.
      2. The fee should not be passed on to the employee.
      3. The fee applies to all sources of funding and departments.
    3. The Campus HR/Payroll office may create an off-cycle payment if the failure to process the payment is:
      1. not due to the fault of the employee or the department processing the required paperwork,
      2. related to a computer system error, or
      3. if an employee is discharged for cause and should receive payment for salary and wages on the last day of employment.
  2. Procedure Information
    1. If a department determines that it is necessary to make the payment through an off-cycle payment, a request for off-cycle payment may be submitted to Campus HR/Payroll.
    2. A request for off-cycle payments must be supported by approved documents based on the delegation of authority.
      • Upon approval, a processing fee will be assessed to the department.
    3. Payment for any salary or wages before the work is performed is not permitted.

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Date Created: 09/26/1997
Updated: 07/21/1998; 04/07/2017; 07/15/2020

Reviewed 2020-07-17