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Benefits (HR-300)

HR-304 Human Resource Development


In order to help all employees work toward their full potential, the University provides, and encourages participation in, Human Resource Development programs through Human Resource Services.


In order to carry out the University's policy on Human Resource Development, the following programs have been established: (The programs described may not be available on all four (4) campuses.)

Management / Professional Development

Various management courses are offered on a regular basis. These courses are for those who are, or will be, directing the work of others and are structured for entry, middle and upper level competencies in many vital areas.

Office Staff Development

Training and development courses are regularly offered for office staff. These courses cover both the technical and nontechnical subjects associated with the work done by the office staff of the University.

Educational Assistance Program

University employees may enroll in this program for a limited number of credit hours in accordance with the Educational Assistance policy. The cost of such courses is 25 percent of the normal educational fee when enrolling for academic credit. No educational fee is charged for employees who audit courses (except through Center for Independent Study and MU Direct: Continuing and Distance Learning). All other fees are charged at the normal amount.

Apprentice Program

The University has established various apprentice programs. (See booklets entitled University of Missouri Standards of Apprenticeship and Apprentice Program Procedures.)

Safety and Risk Management Courses

Before employees can be expected to work safely, they must be shown the safe way to do the job. Training programs help teach safe job performance and assure a high level of safety awareness by all University employees. A wide variety of training programs are available. The courses include: Introduction to Safety and Risk Management, Implementation of the Safety Program, Materials Handling, Defensive Driving, Laboratory Safety, Fire Safety, CPR, First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, and Office Safety. Other specialized training activities may be designed as the situation demands.


An orientation session for Administrative, Service & Support staff is periodically held on each campus of the University.

Appraisal Program

A University of Missouri performance appraisal booklet and performance appraisal forms are available to any department.

Affirmative Action Training

As a part of the University's official Equal Employment Opportunity Program, various related training programs have been developed and offered. Affirmative action concepts and practices are also included as an integral part of other courses.

Retirement Planning

Each year, Retirement Planning Seminars are offered to employees nearing retirement. There is a multi-session seminar for faculty and senior administrative employees and an identical series for Administrative, Service and Support employees. An additional course, Retirement Planning Update, is also available for those who have attended Retirement Planning and who will soon be retiring.

Adult Education Courses

Throughout the year, many job-related specific vocational courses are offered to employees. Through this program the University may pay the tuition costs and the employee pays for books and supplies.

Extension Division Short Courses

By an agreement between the Extension Division and Human Resource Services, employees may attend Extension Division short courses or conferences at no cost on a space available basis. To attend, employees present their ID card and confirm their attendance with appropriate conference and short course personnel.

Additional Programs

When the need arises, other specific programs are developed upon request. Departmental directors are encouraged to make such requests to Human Resource Services.

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Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated: 01/01/2003