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HR-304 Employee Orientation and Development


The opportunity to develop employees professionally and personally is vital for the University of Missouri. The University provides orientation, training, and development programs for continuous employee development and growth. Shared accountability between employees and their managers is essential to ensure that development opportunities are identified and pursued.

HR Policy Provisions

  1. Orientation
    New employee orientation provides essential information concerning the university’s history, values, goals, employee benefits, and policies. A variety of orientation programs are available, including

    1. System-wide onboarding
    2. Campus orientation schedules are available from the human resources department.
    3. Department supervisory personnel are responsible for providing each new staff member with the necessary on-the-job orientation.
  2. Compliance Training
    The University is committed to ensuring safe and inclusive environments for all faculty, staff, and students. All employees must complete a series of courses annually as identified by the University. Additionally, each department may require unit-specific and/or role-specific courses.
  3. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Training
    As a part of the University's official Equal Employment Opportunity Program, various related training programs are available. Affirmative action concepts and practices are also included as an integral part of the courses.
  4. Professional Development
    1. Self-directed and instructor-led training is available, designed to build a variety of knowledge, skills, and abilities for employees at all organizational levels.
    2. Supervisory training is available for those who are, or will be, directing the work of others.
    3. Leadership development programs are provided for current and aspiring University leaders to expand and refine their leadership skills.
    4. Workforce development programs, including apprenticeships, may be available for high-demand positions to create opportunities for current university employees to obtain the skills and qualifications necessary for designated employment.
  5. Personal Development
    1. Financial wellness seminars include home budgeting, saving, investing, and more.
    2. Educational Assistance Program – Eligible University employees advance their education by utilizing the Educational Assistance and Tuition Reduction benefits.
    3. Retirement planning seminars are offered to employees nearing retirement.

The University continuously reviews and updates employee development programs. For up-to-date information, contact the campus human resources department.

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