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HR-305 Service Recognition


The University of Missouri service recognition program is a means of recognizing the valuable contribution made by the administrative, service & support staff on behalf of the university. Recognition is provided to acknowledge employee’s milestones.

HR Policy Provisions

  1. Eligibility
    1. Benefit-eligible administrative, service and support staff are eligible for service recognition.
    2. Employees with primary titles that are administrative, service and support who are exempt from classification because their positions are primarily directing instructional or research activities are not eligible.
  2. Program Information
    The University of Missouri System will provide resources, electronic and printed, to recognize employees’ milestones.
  3. Procedure Information
    1. The Service Recognition program is administered by the UM System Office of Human Resources.
    2. Departmental leaders are responsible for recognition activities.
    3. Leaves of absence apply toward the computation of continuous service if the employee returns from leave.
    4. Employees with questions about the program should contact their Human Resource Office.

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Date Created: 09/26/1997
Updated: 01/01/2003; 07/01/2012; 06/01/2020

Reviewed 2020-07-23