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HR-307 Workers' Compensation


Workers' Compensation provides for the payment of medical expenses and compensation to any covered individual (referred to here as an injured employee) who is either injured in a work related accident or incurs an occupational disease if compensable. It also provides for death benefits should the injury or disease result in death. Medical expenses and compensation are payable for lost wages as prescribed by state or other statutes.


All employees, including students while in an employment status and recognized volunteers, are covered under Workers' Compensation.

Required Waiting Periods

A three (3)-day waiting period is prescribed by law; no Workers' Compensation is payable for the waiting period unless the disability lasts longer than 14 calendar days, in which case payment for the three (3)-day waiting period is allowed. The first day of the three (3)-day waiting period is the next calendar day following the on-the-job injury or illness that the injured employee is unable to work as determined by the authorized physician.

Reporting Injuries

Employee Injuries and Occupational Diseases details requirements for reporting employee injuries and occupational diseases. (See Business Policy and Procedure Manual, Section 7-04.)

Information and Assistance

Information and assistance regarding coverage, claims or the administration of Workers' Compensation Insurance are available from campus workers' compensation coordinator, or the UM Office of Risk & Insurance Management.

See Also

HR 513 Volunteers, HR 407 FMLA, HR 409 Work Incurred Injury or Illness.

Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated: 7/01/05

Reviewed 2019-08-12