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HR-402 Vacations


All regular administrative, service and support staff who have prior supervisory approval are eligible to receive paid vacation. Employees with primary titles that are Administrative, Service & Support who are exempt from classification because their positions are primarily directing instructional or research activities are not subject to this policy.

Probationary Employees

Vacation time is not earned unless the probationary period is satisfactorily completed. However, employees needing to take time off during their probationary period may utilize personal days or, with supervisory approval, employees may take leave without pay.


Regular employees who have satisfactorily completed their probationary period accrue vacation time from their date of hire in accordance with the rates detailed in the following table. If an employee works greater than 75 percent FTE but less than 100 percent FTE, he/she will accrue vacation time on a prorata basis. Employees may accumulate twice their annual accrual.


Employee Group Years of Service Vacation Accrual Rates (Days Per Year)
Office, Technical, Maintenance and Service (includes all employees in positions designated as nonexempt and eligible for overtime pay) 5 or less 12
Over 5 17
Over 15 22
Administrative and Professional (includes all employees in positions designated as exempt and not eligible for overtime pay) 5 or less 17
Over 5 22


Administrative and Professional employees will accrue vacation on the monthly pay cycle. In computing vacation accruals, an exempt employee must be in active status by the 15th of the month to be eligible for that month's accrual. Office/Technical and Service/Maintenance employees will accrue vacation on the biweekly pay cycle. In computing vacation accruals, a nonexempt employee must be in active status on the Monday of each week of the biweekly pay period to be eligible for the accrual for each week. Partial accruals are not granted. Vacation time continues to accrue during vacation; sick leave; leaves of absence with pay of at least 75 percent FTE; and leaves of absence without pay granted for disability compensable under Workers' Compensation. Vacation accruals will be available to the employee only after returning to work in regular status.

Length of Service

All full-time continuous service continuing from the date of employment is counted including periods of sick leave; authorized absences, with or without pay; and interruptions of service of less than four (4) months each, due to the University's temporary lack of need for the employee's services. Any period of service as a Variable Hour Employee, which occurs immediately following and preceding periods of regular service, for the convenience of the University is counted. Finally, all continuous service accrued under either vacation schedule is also counted. Employees who return to full-time work following termination of employment or a voluntary reduction to a Variable Hour position are considered new employees and do not receive credit for any previous full-time service.

Using Vacation

Vacation time must be earned before it is taken and, although accrued, is not available until the first day of the following pay period. Absences from work that are not caused by an illness or injury must be charged to accumulated vacation except for: absences due to death in employee's immediate family; absences for jury duty; leaves of absence of less than 30 days treated as excused absences and absences due to illness or injury which the employee elects to charge to accumulated vacation with supervisory approval. Employees who have exhausted vacation time may, with supervisory approval, take leave without pay in increments of whole days or less. Vacation time must be earned before it is taken. Official University holidays occurring during a vacation period are not charged to accumulated vacation time. Payment in lieu of vacation time is not permitted. Upon resignation, termination or interruption of service, payment for all unused, accumulated vacation will be made, provided the employee has satisfactorily completed the probationary period.

Unused Vacation

Any balance of unused accumulated vacation time is transferred with an employee transferring from one department or campus to another. Employees changing from regular to Variable Hour status will be paid accrued vacation in a lump sum at the time of change. Employees changing from exempt to nonexempt status, and who have accruals that exceed the maximum allowed in the nonexempt status, will receive, at the supervisor's discretion, pay or vacation days for the excess accrued amounts before this status change is effected. Accrued vacation will not be considered as time worked for purposes of calculating overtime. Vacation payout for monthly (exempt) employees will be computed using the hourly rate of pay.


A permanent record of vacation accruals and use must be maintained for each employee.

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Date Created: 09/26/1997

Last Updated: 09/15/2013

Reviewed 2019-08-12