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HR-406 Development Leave


This policy applies only to Administrative, Service & Support employees. Development leave may be taken for a period of time up to a full year. Employees applying for development leaves should seek external fellowship or grant support whenever possible, but whether or not such funding is available, employees on development leave may receive up to full salary. Additional travel and expense funds may be provided as deemed appropriate. Development leave may be granted when the requirements of the department permit and when such leave is demonstrated to be in the best interests of the University.


All regular employees are eligible to apply for development leave. Employees granted development leaves must state their intention to return to the University for the same amount of time they plan to be gone. Exceptions to returning to the University at the conclusion of the leave can only be granted by the President upon recommendation of the Chancellor; exceptions for UM System staff must be approved by the President upon recommendation of the Vice President.  Upon conclusion of the leave, the employee must file a report on accomplishments during the leave period with the Chancellor and the President.




Failure to Return to Work

Should an employee fail to return to work upon expiration of a development leave, the department chairperson or administrative head is responsible for initiating procedures to terminate the employee's services. An employee is required to reimburse the University within three (3) months for salary and benefits except Worker's Compensation provided during the leave period should he/she not return to work with the University and remain employed in full-time status for a period equal to the same amount of time he or she was on paid development leave.


Employees in pay status will receive holiday pay falling during development leave. Employees not in pay status will not receive holiday pay.

The period of the development leave is counted as length of service in computing vacation and sick leave accrual rates. Employees will continue to accumulate vacation and sick leave during the leave if they are in pay status. Employees do not accumulate vacation and sick leave during the leave of absence without pay.

Personal days are retained up to the maximum allowed, but must be used before the end of the anniversary year. Personal days are not granted during a development leave without pay.

Return to work for the same amount of time as the leave does not guarantee that the period of such leave shall be taken into account as service credit for purposes of the University´s Retirement, Disability, and Death Benefit Plan.

Employee contributions to the University’s Retirement, Disability, and Death Benefit Plan will not be required for development leave periods for which no salary is paid. Employee contributions will, however, be required for leave periods that are recognized as service credit under the plan for which partial or full salary is paid.

Benefit costs will be deducted from payroll checks if the employee is in pay status. Employer costs will be spread (percentage basis among the accounts from which the employee was last paid or from which the employee is being paid). Benefit costs must be paid in advance if the employee is on leave without pay.


The employee initiates the request by completing all applicable sections on the Request for Leave of Absence (UMUW Form 108) . The completed UMUW Form 108 is signed by the department chairperson and then forwarded to the dean or administrative head. The dean or administrative head then signs and forwards all copies for approval in accordance with current delegation of authority.

The President's approval is required for all leave requests, except those for which authority has been delegated to Chancellors by Executive Order No. 6 and those for UM System staff for which the President has delegated authority to Vice Presidents. In particular, this is a requirement for Development leave requests and for requests for leave by administrators specified in Executive Order No. 6. After approval in accordance with current delegation of authority, the department processes the Personnel Action Form (PAF) (UM Form 270).


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Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated: 7/1/09

Reviewed 2019-08-12