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HR-412 Funeral Leave


An employee will be granted a maximum of three (3) days, (twenty-four (24) hours), leave without loss of pay or vacation during the period starting on the date of death and ending on the tenth calendar day after the funeral or memorial service in accordance with this policy. The three (3) days need not be taken consecutively. Such time should be provided on a prorata basis for an employee who works 99 percent to 75 percent FTE. Any additional days required must be charged to accrued vacation or taken as excused leave without pay.


Funeral leave may be taken for the following individuals: husband/wife; parent (including stepparent); grandparent/great grandparent; grandchildren; son/daughter; stepchild; brother/sister; mother-in-law/father-in-law; Sponsored Adult Dependent; and foster children who have become members of family.


All Regular Administrative, Service and Support staff are eligible to receive pay for funeral leave. Employees with primary titles that are Administrative, Service & Support who are exempt from classification because their positions are primarily directing instructional or research activities are not subject to this policy.


Funeral leave must be recorded in the university's central payroll system as part of the regular payroll processing cycle.  Employees should enter the appropriate time reporting code.

See Also

See HR 203, Position Classifications for more information on joint appointments and Administrative/Professional positions.


Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated: 1/1/14

Reviewed 2019-08-12