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Wex Fleet Card


The University of Missouri fleet card program is designed to allow fuel purchases for University owned vehicles. The WEX fleet card program is separate from the One Card program. Although WEX Fleet Cards cannot be used at any University Gas Pumps at this time, the cards are accepted at over 95% of fueling stations in the United States.


WEX Fleet cards are specific to the vehicle created using the vehicle identification number (VIN), Make, Model and Year, and whose license plate number appears on the front of each card.  The department is responsible for updating and notifying of any vehicle, custodial, and billing changes.  These requests can be emailed to Additionally, the department's vehicle custodian(s) shall maintain a list of Drivers and associated Driver ID numbers.


WEX Fleet cards are to be used only for fuel purchases or roadside services. Any associated vehicle repairs, parts, or service must be either billed to the University or paid by using the University One Card if limits permit. Large vehicles (box trucks, ambulances) may also purchase oil and fluids, including required fuel additives.

Roadside services covered include towing, mechanical first aid, jump starts, tire changes, lockout assistance, and fuel/water delivery. There are no out-of-pocket expenses at the time of service. The actual costs of services performed will appear as a transaction on the Fleet card.


Select fuel suppliers offer a 1-3¢ per gallon discount when using the WEX Fleet card. Additionally, swiping the card at the pump will remove the Federal excise tax for all fuel suppliers.


A Driver Pin, a four-digit number, is assigned to each driver and these driver pins are used to authorize purchases at the point of sale.  University employees are required to have and use their own driver pin.  A Department pin can be created, under the WEX card custodian, for student use only.  Additionally a log book and receipt retention for student WEX card check out and purchases is recommended.  These requirements are for accountability purposes.  Each WEX driver pin is randomly generated by the WEX system when the Employee name, Employee ID and Department are entered.

  • When making a fuel purchase, a user will be prompted to enter the Driver ID, as well as the vehicle's odometer reading.  Find more information in the WEX Card Instructions Driver Pin.


The single transaction limit is determined by the profile assign to the card based on the vehicle tank capacity. Each card has a limit of four purchases per day.


Transaction receipts may be maintained by the department, but are not required. Receipts generated at the pump will reflect Supplier discounts (where appropriate), but will not include the adjustments for the Federal excise tax. The tax credit will appear as part of the transaction feed into PeopleSoft.


Each WEX Fleet card will have a default PS Account of Fuel 730900 and the Department assigned MoCode. Transactions will be fed daily into PeopleSoft as a Journal Entry (JE) where transaction detail may be viewed. If transactions have posted to an incorrect MoCode or PS Account, the Department should create a Correcting Entry in Web Applications. Departments are responsible for updating terminated MoCodes for fuel purchases by contacting the WEX Fleet administrator at Although additional reconciliation will not be required, Fleet card activity should be included in a Department’s fiscal review to ensure appropriate procedures are maintained to support internal fiscal compliance.


Fleet Reports are available through Web Applications: 

  • FIN Search Options
  • Select Fleet Report from drop down
  • Enter Vehicle License Number
  • Select Start Date and End Date
  • Select Search

WEX Administrators have the ability to create custom reports on an as needed basis.


Reviewed 2024-06-18