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Computer Peripherals-Hardware/Software

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Preferred supplier contract for computer hardware and software peripherals and service.  CDW provides the University with significant savings on 100,000+ products from hundreds of manufacturers product lines.  Product groups include the following: *Accessories * Audio Components & Sound Editing * Bar Code Scanners & Accessories * Batteries * Blank Media *Cables* Carrying Cases* Computer Cases* Electronics* Internet Security Devices* Media Storage* Memory * Modems* Monitors & Displays* Motherboards* Networking* Paper & Labels* Pointing Devices* Power Backup Systems* Printers & Imaging Products* Projectors * Racks & Enclosures * Software * Storage * Tape Drives * Upgrades * Wireless Adapters & Accessories.

Buyer Campus Designator
Heather Reed
Supplier contacts
End User Customers Vendor Contact Email Phone

Sales and problem resolution

for all campus locations

Jim Allen


866-589-2394 (fax)

Hospital Alex Marini 312-705-9541


Other important information
  • Delivery Time:  2 - 3 business days
  • QUOTE: Custom quotes may be created by the vendor (contact Brian Wsol) and loaded into the punchout. Users can then retrieve the quote and check out. Punchout Navigation: See "Links of Interest > Quote to Order" at the bottom.
  • SmartFind: This supplier is enabled for Level II searches at the item level*.
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Reviewed 2021-04-09