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Maintenance, Building, and other Facilities Supplies

Wide variety of maintenance, repair and operation supplies.

Contract #
CNR01248/SMS Contract
Description of products

Take advantage of significant savings on a variety of products available in the Grainger catalog including cleaning and maintenance supplies, electrical products, hand tools, plumbing supplies, power tools, lighting, pumps, motors and much more.

Buyer Campus Designator
James Shatto
Supplier contacts
End User Customers Vendor Contact Email Phone
Columbia Campus Karin Ratcliff 314-302-8346
Kansas City Campus Brad Zulpo 847-753-5412
Rolla Campus Josette Savidge

St. Louis Campus Jerry Feltis 314-952.7149
Other important information
  • PRICING: The University receives State of Missouri contract prices. However, the University has a "hotlist" of deeper discounts on the more commonly purchased items. We receive a 45% discount on HVAC (not 10%), 28% discount on Motors (not 10%), and 18% on Janitorial/Sanitation (not 10%).
  • SmartFind: This supplier is enabled for Level II searches at the item level*.
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Reviewed 2020-11-17