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Gift cards and/or eCodes for approved programs within the University. See Gift Card Policy. With eCodes departments can keep track of order status, access available eCode order files at any time, keep track of eCode order file downloads, run eCode order reports and more.

Buyer Campus Designator
Teresa Vest
Supplier contacts

Sr. Inside Sales Representative - John Gross

779-994-4059 -

Steps to Retrieve BOTH Virtual Visa AND E-gifts Digital Merchant Cards

Step 1: Create a Hawk Marketplace User Account

  1. You will be sent a registration email when you place your first virtual order
  2. Choose a password.
  3. Set up a multi factor authentication.

Step 2: You will receive an email when the order is ready to retrieve.

Step 3: Log in: - Create a user specific password that will also be used for all future orders. NOTE:  The password can not be cut and pasted into Hawk Marketplace. 

Step 4: Click on ‘Order History’ on the left-hand navigation.

Step 5: Select order # and click on ‘Item Details’

Step 6: Click ‘Details’ in black navigation bar and click ‘Download.’

Step 7: You will be emailed a security code to gain access to the zip file.  NOTE:  Each download will have a separate security code.

Step 8: Once you enter that security code, you can successfully download the codes.  

Step 9: Purchaser is responsible for distribution of e-codes to recipients.  NOTE:  Retail codes will have a clickable link that can be sent to the recipient to access the code.  VISA codes will have a link that allows recipients to download through the My PrePaid Center. 

Other important information
  • SHIPPING: Plastic cards will have shipping charges applied.  Amount of shipping is based on number of cards and shipping destination.
  • EXTRA FEES:  VISA Physical cards will be assessed a $2.50 per card fee.
  • NOTES:
    • Cards cannot be shipped outside of the United States
    • Cards are not refundable, returnable, or exchangeable for cash.
Document Description

Retail Digital Card Denominations (3.13.24).xlsx

Retail Plastic Card Denominations 3.13.24.xlsx

Visa Digital Code Denominations 3.13.24.xlsx

Plastic Visa Card Denominations 3.13.24.xlsx

Reviewed 2024-04-21