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Gift Cards

Variety of Gift Cards

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Gift cards and/or eCodes for approved programs within the University. See Gift Card Policy. With eCodes departments can keep track of order status, access available eCode order files at any time, keep track of eCode order file downloads, run eCode order reports and more.

Buyer Campus Designator
Heather Reed
Supplier contacts
End User Customers Vendor Contact Email Phone
Customer Service Danielle Peckham 888-472-8747
Orders Cindy McCauley 888-472-8747
Finance Laura Miller 815-477-4288 X137
Program Manager Kathleen Ambrose 888-472-8747
Nancy Knutsen 779-994-4067
Other important information
  • SHIPPING: All orders under $25,000 will ship within 72 hours of the order being placed. Any order that exceeds $25,000 will ship within 72 hours of payment being made.
    • FedEx Standard Ground (2-5 Business Days) - $7.95
    • FedEx Express 2 day - $9.95
    • FedEx Express Next Day $15.99
      • NOTE: Plastic cards ship banded together. They do not ship with envelopes.
  • eCODES:
    • Place your eCode order through the Punchout.
    • You will receive an email with EMS username and password. Receiving eCode Orders
    • Once the notifiying "order ready" email is received, it is ready to be downloaded.
    • Go to the secure portal:
    • Login with EMS username and password.
    • Go to the order you are looking for and download the file. You can search by eCode order number, NGCdirect order number, PO number, etc.
    • For your own protection, save your eCode order file as a password protected file.
      • Within the file there will be several columns. The URL and the PIN/Challenge Key is the ONLY thing that you will distribute to your recipients. The recipients will then click on the link and it will open up to the landing page of the merchant. From there, the end recipient can redeem their eCode online or print and use it at a retail location.
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