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Graphic Design Services

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The University of Missouri System has established a pre-qualified list of suppliers for graphic design services. Our recommended vendors can provide graphic design services to campus units. They represent a wide range of services* to provide you with options that best meet your needs.

*Vendors on this list may not provide services that conflict with university policies (i.e., logo design, stationery design, etc.), nor web design. If you need web design services, please consult the Web Vendor list.

To initiate services

  • Contact vendors you would consider working with. Each vendor has their own unique process, but they all will meet with you about your project and begin developing a scope of work. If the anticipated amount of the order exceeds $10,000, departments should request pricing from three (3) or more suppliers and select the supplier with the best overall value. 
  • Review and evaluate options with stakeholders in your unit. Select your vendor accordingly. 
  • Once a vendor is selected the department and supplier must develop a scope of work. The department will enter a requisition and attach the scope of work for processing by the Sourcing Specialist.


Buyer Campus Designator
Carla Gilzow
Other important information

See How to Buy section for more information. 

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