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Marketing Services and Advertising Buys

RFQ #23014

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Documents requiring a signature or with terms and conditions must be submitted to the Sourcing Contact for signature prior to acquisition of good or services.  Signatures by an individual department are prohibited.

The University of Missouri System has established a pre-qualified list of suppliers for Marketing Services. Please consult the list to select a pre-qualified supplier when obtaining Marketing Services. If the anticipated amount of the order exceeds $10,000, departments should request quotes from three (3) or more suppliers and select the supplier with the best overall value. Once a vendor is selected the department and supplier must develop a scope of work. The department will enter a requisition and attach the scope of work for processing by the Sourcing Specialist.

All advertisements on behalf of the University using the University trademarks, name, and graphics must comply with university standards.  All questions regarding these standards should be addressed to the appropriate licensing office.   

MU Licensing & Trademarks

S&T Licensing & Trademarks

UMKC Licensing & Trademarks

UMSL Licensing & Trademarks

Sponsorships agreements are processed by the appropriate contract's office. 

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Carla Gilzow
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