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Printing of Publications and other documents

Contract #
RFP 24-1043
Description of products

The University of Missouri has established a pre-qualified list of suppliers for Printed Materials.  Please consult the list below to select a pre-qualified supplier when obtaining printed items.  If the anticipated amount of the order exceeds $10,000, departments should request quotes from three (3) or more suppliers and select the supplier with the best overall value.

Buyer Campus Designator
John Adams
Other important information

If the cost of the service exceeds $5,000 a non-catalog requisition is required.  If less than $5,000, and the supplier will accept credit card, payment can be made via OneCard.

Document Description

How_to_Purchase_Printing Services 5242019.ocx_.pdf

RFP 24-1043 Offset Printing Services Awarded Suppliers.xlsx

Reviewed 2024-03-18