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Computer Hardware and Peripherals

Contract #
Description of products

The University awarded a preferred supplier contract #Q043003 to Dell, Inc. for standardizing on 3 models of Dell Optiplex desktops and 3 models of Dell Latitude notebooks to garner additional cost savings on our staff and faculty desktop needs.  Computer Hardware and Software Peripherals and Services with significant savings on 100,000+ products from hundreds of manufacturing lines are also available under this contract.  For example, our Canon scanners, Lexmark printers, various software licenses, handheld devices, tablet computers, etc.

Buyer Campus Designator
Heather Reed
Supplier contacts
End User Customers Vendor Contact Email Phone
Sales and problem resolution for all campus locations Amy Thole 

512-513-9487 (office)

Account Executive Erik Steffen

816-207-8286 (cell)


Other important information
  • Delivery Time:  1 - 2 weeks
  • QUOTE: Custom quotes may be created by the vendor and loaded into the punchout. Users can then retrieve the quote and check out. Punchout Navigation: Show Me Shop/Punch out to Dell/Click on "Quotes" link near the top left of the page
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Reviewed 2023-04-07