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Important eProcurement Communication, May 27, 2009


Procurement provides a variety of training methods and tools for the eProcurement process. These various offerings are available to meet the varied needs, interests, and learning preferences of potential campus users. Contrary to previous instructions distributed, "in class, hands-on" PeopleSoft training is not required in order to gain access to the eProcurement platform. An on-line tutorial has been developed to facilitate training particularly for infrequent users, those with limited roles such as approvers only, and others, specifically faculty, whose schedules make attendance at such formal training offerings an untenable imposition. We do, however, encourage all those, particularly heavy users, who can conveniently attend a class room session do so. More detailed hands-on training may help in reducing the learning curve associated with using e-procurement effectively and make one's initial catalog shopping experiences easier.

The following link provides access to Procurement's eProcurement training page. .

Contact information for your campus procurement office is listed on the training page if you wish to schedule face-to-face training. Links to the individual campus sites are also provided on this page. It is here that you will find the ePro Security Request Forms which must be submitted to gain access to the system. To utilize the on-line training materials, click on the Training Materials link at the bottom of the training page. You will be prompted to enter your user id and password to access the training materials.

For your convenience, training materials have been developed to target specific roles; requestor, approver, and those entering receiving information. The tutorials are designed to walk you through the steps in eProcurement. Click on the desired tutorial link and follow the instructions in the box. You have the opportunity to drill through the outline to view all eProcurement steps or only view those functions for which you have a need. It is recommended that you view the tutorial in the "see it" mode which allows you to watch an automated walk through of the process or the "try it" mode which provides step by step instructions as you navigate through the process.

Training Guides and Quick Reference Guides are also available for each role. These tools can provide additional assistance once you have been through the tutorials or have attended live training.

With a little practice we are confident that you will find this process an easy, effective and efficient way to order those products you need to do your important work.

The cut-off date for the use of P-Cards with Show-Me-Shop suppliers has been pushed back to October, 2009. This will allow ample time to resolve some operational issues brought to light as well as facilitate the training of campus faculty and staff returning from the summer. However, we encourage all who can to avail themselves of the training options detailed above as early as possible.

Reviewed 2011-06-01.

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