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Show-Me Shop Goes LIVE

On October 1st, our new eProcurement solution featuring the “Show-Me Shop” electronic marketplace made its debut with the first live orders flowing through the system! Show-Me Shop will be pilot tested by approximately 125 users representing each campus’ selected 3-5 departments to refine the system before complete campus wide roll-outs begin in January, 2008.

The initial eighteen suppliers which comprise our virtual shopping mall as of the “go-live” date, represent negotiated annual material cost reductions in excess of $4.9 million dollars. As we continue to identify and negotiate those contract opportunities with the most strategic and economic impact, process efficiencies and cost savings will continue to grow.

Of course the key to realizing maximum benefit from the contracts and the ePro delivery system is YOU! If the overall reception by those pilot department users is any indication, we’ve got a winner. 

At UMSL the user friendly solution drew “rave reviews,” with each training session ending to the sounds of excited applause. This same level of excitement and anticipation was evident at each of the Campus Vendor Fairs held the August 28th through September 5th. Turn-outs exceeded expectations with over 250 faculty and staff at Rolla coming out to meet and learn more of their new ePro vendor/partners. Kansas City had 115 attendees, St. Louis over 200, and the Columbia fair brought out over 400 people despite the rainy weather. As with the campus demos, some lucky registrants received great prizes as a result of their faithful attendance.

So, get ready for University-wide access to Show-Me Shop – coming in January 2008!

Reviewed 2011-06-01.

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