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Important eProcurement Communication, October 16, 2009

In an effort to take advantage of the most cost-effective pricing available on purchases, the University of Missouri will make contracted supplier catalogs and preferred pricing available exclusively through the Show-Me Shop beginning October 31, 2009.

Exceptions will include certain maintenance repair and operations suppliers that continue to offer contracted pricing to satisfy same-day needs of repair technicians. Also, University of Missouri Health Care will retain access to contract supplier catalogs through direct Internet sites until completion of the Supply Chain Plus implementation.

For the past several months, we have been working to ensure that the Show-Me Shop eProcurement service is a benefit to all. Several questions and suggestions raised during meetings with various campus employee groups have been addressed, including the addition of an electronic Comment Box, direct link to PeopleSoft from the Procurement website and the creation of list serves by each campus as a channel to communicate with all end-users. We also have made training available to users; are in the process of obtaining documentation from internal and external auditors validating that the Show Me Shop process satisfies control requirements by granting agencies; and are committed to acting promptly if any additional issues arise.

We remain dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition for employees. Show-Me Shop communication updates will continue via e-mail, campus outreach and our website. Additionally, we are happy to meet with any business unit that would like assistance in setting up an efficient process for ordering through Show-Me Shop. We also will re-broadcast communications about training options and obtaining security clearance to PeopleSoft.

Your assistance during this transition is greatly appreciated. For additional questions and information, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions and other recent Show-Me Shop improvements, visit our website at, http://www.umsystem.edu/ums/fa/procurement/epro/.

Reviewed 2011-02-04.

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