Purchasing from Fisher Scientific

In an effort to better serve Fisher Scientific customers, the UM Supply Chain and Fisher Scientific have worked together to develop processes to improve order changes and errors. Effective immediately the following is requested of university employees purchasing from Fisher Scientific through the Show Me Shop and Fisher Scientific Sales Representatives.

  • Do not call Fisher Scientific customer service to make any changes to orders already submitted through Show Me Shop. All requests should be directed to the University’s Finance Support Center at 877-752-3334 or 882-3201, or by email at FinanceSupport@umsystem.edu. The Finance Support Center will then give appropriate direction on the next steps necessary to change an order or correct any issues.
  • If you ordered or received the wrong item from Fisher Scientific, call the Finance Support Center to initiate the return process. You should proceed with placing the new order for the correct item, as replacement orders will no longer be automatic. This will streamline the payment process and more quickly get you the product you need.

These new procedures should speed up the process of getting the university end users the products they need while streamlining the corrective actions needed and making sure all correct parties are aware of the corrective actions taken. Thank you for your attention to these changes. If you have any questions feel free to contact the Finance Support Center or your local Fisher Scientific Sales Representative listed on the SMS Supplier home page.

Reviewed 2016-06-23.

Finance Support Center
  • Finance Support Center
  • Finance Support email
  • MU Health Care:
  • Missouri S&T Campus:
    341-4266 or 877-752-1117 (after hrs)
  • UMKC Campus:
  • UMSL Campus:
  • UMSYS, UOEXT, MU Campuses: 
  • Toll Free All Campuses: 
  • Finance Support Center may be unavailable Mondays from 2:30-3:30pm for staff meeting.