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Office Supply Contract Changes in Show-Me Shop


Staples & OfficeMax Hosted Catalogs:
Effective 5pm Friday, February 24th the Staples and OfficeMax Hosted Catalogs will no longer be available in Show-Me Shop (SMS). The Hosted catalogs contained limited product offerings. While the Hosted catalogs are going away, the Staples and OfficeMax Punchout catalogs will remain available with the following changes…

Staples Punchout Catalog:
Beginning Monday, February 27th, when you click on the Staples Punchout logo in SMS, you will be taken to a new and improved Punchout site. In order to prepare for the new site, Staples Punchout catalog will be unavailable for the period 6pm Friday 2/24 through 6am Monday 2/27.

OfficeMax Punchout Catalog:
The OfficeMax contract has been renewed with improved pricing that is now available and active in SMS.

How to Prepare:
If you have Staples or OfficeMax items saved to your SMS (Hosted) Favorites, we recommend making a list of those items to be recreated in the Punchout sites. Personal Shopping Lists in the current Staples Punchout will not be migrated to the new Punchout. As with the Hosted favorites, we suggest making a list of your Staples Shopping List items to be recreated within the new Punchout on or after February 27th.

Reviewed 2012-11-08.

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