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Show-Me Shop Enhancements Coming March 26, 2012

Beginning March 26, 2012, Show-Me Shop will reflect new functionality with Simple Cart, a new shopping cart format, and Document Search, a new efficient way to locate carts and POs to review.   A brief summary of both features is provided below, but more details are contained in the new Show-Me Shop Training Guide.


  • A simplified shopping cart with a cleaner, easier to use interface. 
  • Organized differently, but more intuitive.  
  • Edit/update actions will appear on the left of each option.


  • Document Search is a new tab in the Show-Me Shop toolbar, replacing the History tab. 
  • Using Simple Search or Advanced Search, you have ability to search across All Documents, Carts, or Purchase Orders. 
    • Simple Search:
      • Searchable Fields in Simple Search Box:
        • Cart Number
        • Cart Name  PO Number  – no need to enter the alpha prefix and preceding zeros 
        • Catalog Number 
        • Supplier Name
    • Advanced Search:
      • Search criteria fields are specific to the type of document type
      • Ability to pre-select what you are looking for
  • Relative Date Range options available for Simple and Advanced Search.
  • Series of filter options, such as Supplier and User, are available after search results are returned.
  • Filter options differ based on the document type you are searching for. 
  • Ability to select multiple filter options for search results. 
  • Links available that allow you to edit your search or start a new one.
  • Ability to create Saved Searches. 
  • Improved navigation between documents in results – Next and Previous available for quick browsing. 


Please contact the Procurement Hotline if you have questions or need assistance using Show-Me Shop. 



Reviewed 2021-09-16