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General Pcard Questions

I need to contact the bank. How do I reach them?
JPMorgan can be reached at the following numbers:
  • General Customer Service: 800-270-7760
  • Dispute Department: 888-297-0768
  • Fraud Department: 888-307-2990
How do I make changes to my purchasing card?
Complete a Purchasing Card Change/Cancellation Form. This form will need to be printed and filled out by hand. It will require the signature of the cardholder and the approving official. Scan and email to pcard@umsystem.edu or fax to (573) 884-0010.
What do I need to do with my purchasing card if I transfer to another department?
Complete a Purchasing Card Change/Cancellation Form and send it to Procurement Operations to cancel your card. If your new position requires you to have a purchasing card, you will need to submit a new application for a card in your new department. You will not be required to go through training again, unless you wish. The Purchasing Card Change/Cancellation Form will need to be signed by the cardholder and Approving Official or Department Head (Missouri S&T only).
How do I close my account if I no longer need it, or am leaving the University?
If you have a purchasing card that is no longer needed, please cut it in half through the 16 digit number and send by campus mail to Procurement Operations, 1105 Carrie Francke Drive, Columbia, MO 65211. This should be done in the following situations:
  • Your card has expired and you have received the renewal(send the card back with the Purchasing Card Receipt Form)
  • Your card has been compromised and closed (can be done before the replacement card is received)
  • Your card is no longer needed because of a change in responsibility, transfer, or resignation (be sure to submit a cancellation form)
My card is about to expire. How do I get a replacement for it?
Cards always expire on the last day of the month/year listed on the card, not the first. So if your card expires 03/07, it will be good through March 31, 2007. You will not need to do anything to get a replacement card - this is an automated process done by JPMorgan. They will send replacement cards to Procurement Operations approximately 4-5 weeks prior to the expiration of the card. So in the example above, a replacement card should arrive either the last week of Feb 2007 or the first week of March 2007. Once cards arrive in Procurement, the renewal cards will be mailed to the cardholder through campus mail along with the Purchasing Card Receipt Form. Once the card is received, sign and return the Purchasing Card Receipt Form to Procurement Operations, 1105 Carrie Francke Drive, Columbia, MO 65211, within 10 days to avoid card suspension.
What do I do if I'm unavailable to sign my Statement of Account?
When a cardholder will be out of the office, for whatever reason, during the reconciliation period on the purchasing card (i.e. the 24th or 25th through the 10th), the approving official will need to indicate the reason why the cardholder is out (i.e. sick leave, vacation)
I can't find my receipt. What do I do?
If you do not have a receipt for a purchasing card transaction:
  • Contact the supplier and ask them for a copy of the receipt. Often they are able to reproduce a receipt once you provide cardholder name, transaction date, and transaction amount. You can obtain this information by looking at your Statement of Account (PeopleSoft) or viewing the transaction in PaymentNet. If they cannot or will not generate a copy then:
  • Contact JPMorgan by calling the number on the back of your card (800-270-7760) and ask them for a copy of the receipt or use the Request Receipt Letter. They will also need cardholder name, transaction date, and transaction amount. They may also ask for the transaction ID number. Please note this is not a quick process - obtaining a receipt copy from JPMorgan can take up to 30-45 calendar days. Also note after repeated requests, they may charge a service fee. This service fee will be paid by the department and will be billed to the cardholder's account. If the bank is unable to produce a copy of the receipt:
  • They will send a letter stating they are unable to produce a copy. Complete a Replacement Receipt Form and attach this letter from the bank. These two documents then become your receipt on official record.
What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
Contact JPMorgan immediately at 800-270-7760 so they can close your account(s) and reissue replacement cards. Then call the Procurement Card Consultants at (573) 884-8196 or (573) 882-6907. Changes will need to be made to your new account in PaymentNet so that your approving official is able to see charges.
What do I do if my card is declined by a supplier?
You can call JPMorgan at 800-270-7760 to find out the reason it's been declined, or call the hotline. The most common reasons for decline are: incorrect expiration date, invalid MCC, limits exceeded, or the card has not been activated yet. These declines can typically be corrected easily. If the blocked MCC is justified, the Purchasing Card Consultant may override it, allowing the transaction to be approved.
What do I do if I'm charged sales tax?
If you've been charged sales tax, contact the vendor directly for a credit to your account. If they need proof, you can usually fax them a copy of our Tax Exempt Certificate. If they are still unwilling to issue a credit, be sure to document your attempts on your statement of account before faxing it to the imaging system. If you are making a purchase from the state of Missouri, we are tax exempt in all 50 United States. Some vendors will accept the tax ID number printed on your purchasing card, others will insist on seeing a copy of the certificate. We also have laminated, business card sized copies of the Missouri tax certificate that are available if you need one. If you are traveling and making a purchase with your purchasing card, we may or may not be exempt on purchases originating from other states. The UM Controller's Office has a list of tax exempt letters we have on file for other states (CO, FL, ID, KS, KY, MI, MN, ND, NY, OH, RI, TN, TX, WI). This site also lists states that do not have sales tax, as well as those for which we do not qualify for exemption. Also note this exemption only applies to state taxes. We are still required to pay local, city, and federal taxes.
Are there any additional fees associated with International purchases?
Yes, there can be. Any time you make a transaction in a foreign currency or outside the US, there will be a charge assessed by JPMorgan. MasterCard International will convert the transaction into US dollars by using its respective currency conversion procedures. They will charge 1-2% of the US dollar amount of any international transaction, whether that transaction was originally made in US dollars or was made in another currency and converted to US dollars by MasterCard. The same process and charges may apply if any international transaction is reversed. This transaction fee went into effect April 2, 2005.
Can I use my purchasing card for purchase over $5,000?
No. While each cardholder may not have the same single transaction limit, no one can make a purchase greater than $5,000. This is the total that is used by the system to classify a capital asset. Ex: Buying $7,000 worth of goods by running $4,000 and $3,000 transactions. If you have a purchase which exceeds the $5,000 limit, you should use a purchase order or non-PO voucher, whichever is more appropriate. Stringing purchases is prohibited and will result in suspension or cancellation of your purchasing card.
Can I use my card to pay for conference registration fees?
Yes, you can use your purchasing card to pay for conference registration fees. If it declines, it could depend on how the organization has been coded (MCC) to the bank. Contact Procurement Operations at (573) 884-8196 or (573) 882-6907 with any issues.
What is the expected turnaround time for processing credit card applications, being contacted for training, and processing change forms?
The turnaround times are as follows:
Process Description # Business Days
Sending Purchasing card applications to the bank for processing 1-3
Completing Purchasing Card Change Forms within 24 hours of receiving
Scheduling training from initial request 1-5

Pcard Transportation

What is the transportation option that's available on the purchasing card ?
The transportation option allows a cardholder to put airfare, bus and rail tickets, rental cars, and pre-arranged shuttle services on their purchasing card, which will then be paid by the University. Please note that hotel and meals while travelling are NOT allowed on the purchasing card, even if you have the transportation option.
How do I get the transportation option added to my card (or deleted from my card)?
Complete a Purchasing Card Change/Cancellation Form and check either the 'add' or 'delete' box. It will require the signature of the cardholder and the approving official. Scan and email to pcard@umsystem.edu or fax to (573) 884-0010.
How do I report a rental car accident?
The University Police Department and/or local Police Department are to be notified immediately. All rented vehicle accidents are to be reported immediately to the appropriate campus contacts. See contacts listing at http://www.umsystem.edu/ums/fa/management/risk/contacts/ regardless of the amount of damage or extent of injury. This report should be completed by using the Vehicle Accident Report, Form UM-5, which can be found at: http://www.umsytem.edu/ums/fa/management/records/forms/risk/. Along with this report, please send the rental agreement, charge card receipt, police report (if applicable), rental car accident report, and front and back copy of renter's drivers license to your campus contact.


My password doesn't work in PaymentNet. Can I reset it?
You can reset your password at any time by going to www.paymentnet.com and clicking the link "Forgot your Pass Phrase?"
  • Enter the OrgID(us90060), your UserID(usually the first part of your email address, before the @), and your email address.
  • Click Submit
The PaymentNet server will assign a random password and email it to you. These are usually a combination of capital/lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. To avoid type-os, we recommend copying the password from the email and then pasting it into the login page of PaymentNet.
Note: If you have had 10 or more failed login attempts, PaymentNet will lock you out of your account as a security precaution. Contact the Hotline or Purchasing Card Consultant.
I have a new MoCode, but it's not working in PaymentNet. What do I do?
New MoCodes are not automatically entered into the PaymentNet process. They must be manually uploaded by the Purchasing Card Consultant. Send a list of MoCodes to pcard@umsystem.edu and the consultant will contact the appropriate person.
How do I find out what my billing address is, my limits, my default MoCode & PS Account, and if I have the transportation option on my card?
If you as a cardholder have been given access to PaymentNet to review your transactions you can access your User Profile to see your billing address, limits, MCC assignments (i.e. if you have transportation), and default MoCode and PS Account. For navigation and to see an example, see pages 16-17 of the PaymentNet Manual.
How do I look up my available balance for the rest of this cycle?
At any time a cardholder (or his/her reviewer or approving official) can run a report in PaymentNet to find out what the current available balance is - i.e. how much of your credit limit is left for the month.(Note: This report will be a day behind if you have made purchases after this report has ran. Or in some cases the vendor may not have processed the transactions yet with their processing bank.)
  • Log in to your account at www.paymentnet.com
  • Click on PaymentNet from the left hand menu
  • Using the Navigator at the top, select Reporting
    (Approving Officials: choose All Reporting)
  • From the Cardholder/Employee section, choose "Available Limit by Low Available Balance"
  • Choose "Employee Last Name" from the left hand drop down, and enter the last name of the cardholder in the right hand field.
    (Approving Officials: can run for their entire dept by choosing "Acct#"   "begins with"   "5")
  • Click process Criteria
  • Click on the first green arrow (Adobe usually runs the quickest)
  • On the Available Download Files page, wait a few seconds and click Refresh
  • Launch the file by clicking on the File Name in the box

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