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HR-214 Extra Compensation


It is recognized that in certain instances extra compensation is necessary to the mission of the University because of the great breadth of the University's instructional and service programs.  Extra compensation may be authorized when an overload assignment is necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the University and the normal workload of employees cannot be adjusted to permit the proposed work to be done as part of regular duties.  Extra compensation does not count as creditable earnings for the University retirement program.


Compensation to employees providing services, on an overload basis, must be determined by the department head and other appropriate administrative officials.  Departments are encouraged to provide release time, when feasible, in lieu of additional compensation when an overload assignment is necessary.  All recommendations for amounts of $1,000 or more must be accompanied by documentation of the nature of the overload assignment and summary of the faculty or staff’s current responsibilities.  For faculty the summary should include the teaching load, including courses taught, credit hours and number of students enrolled.

Those academic administrators at the level of Dean (or its equivalent) or higher including administrators in the Provost’s, Chancellor’s and President’s Offices are not eligible to receive extra compensation from the University.  Annual compensation for these academic administrators should reflect all of their responsibilities and be determined at the time of the initial appointment and/or at the time of the annual review and salary adjustment.  All duties assigned to these administrators should be considered when setting their base compensation level. Those academic administrators below the level of Dean (or its equivalent) must meet all of the eligibility criteria and have the same rights and privileges as faculty in their specific units for all incentive and extra compensation programs.


All recommendations for extra compensation pay must be approved by the Chancellor, Vice President or designee.  Extra compensation appointments involving two (or more) departments require signature approval from all departments involved.  All recommendations must be submitted far enough in advance to permit time for review and approval.

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Date Created: 9/26/97

Last Updated: 1/30/06

Reviewed 2019-08-12