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HR-401 Holidays


The University observes holidays as designated in CRR 340.040 and typically closes except where continuous service is deemed essential by the University. Eligible employees may receive holiday benefits as outlined in the following policy. 

If any part of this policy does not reflect the Collected Rules and Regulations (CRR), the provisions of the CRR will govern.


Per CRR 340.040: Holidays (Amended 09-07-22):

  1. Observance of Holidays -- The following days have been designated as official University holidays: 
    • New Year’s Day
    • Martin Luther King, Jr., Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Juneteenth
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following
    • Christmas Day
    • And other days as may be designated by the President.
    • Holidays are considered to extend over a 24-hour period. When a holiday falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday is observed. When a holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday is observed. Notwithstanding the foregoing observations for holidays falling on the weekend, units/departments that operate 24 hours a day and/or 7 days a week may choose to observe the holiday on the actual day of the holiday. The holiday schedule for these 24/7 operations will be determined by the unit/department. Employees required to work on the day the holiday is observed in their unit/department and entitled to receive premium pay, as described in Section 340.040C below, will receive holiday pay and premium pay only on the day the holiday is observed in their unit/department.
  2. Eligibility -- Regular employees entitled to receive pay up to a maximum of eight (8) hours for official University holidays include all full-time Administrative, Service & Support employees, whether or not they are scheduled to work on the holiday, with 99% to 75% FTE employees to receive holiday pay on a prorata basis.
  3. Required Work on a Holiday -- All nonexempt regular benefit-eligible employees required to work on a holiday will receive 1-1/2 times their straight-time wage rate for the hours worked (premium pay) in addition to their holiday pay.
  4. Special Religious Holidays -- The observance of special religious holidays may be permitted by the employee's supervisor.  In such cases, time off is charged to accumulated PTO, compensatory time or leave without pay.

Further HR Policy Provisions

Additional HR-401 policy provisions below in accordance with CRR 340.040:

  1. Eligibility
    Employees with primary titles that are administrative, service and support who are exempt from classification because their positions are primarily directing instructional or research activities are not subject to this policy.
  2. Procedure Information
    1. Holiday Pay
      1. Hours paid for the holiday but not actually worked do not apply toward the calculation of overtime.
      2. When a holiday falls on a normal day off for employees who work non-standard schedules, equivalent time off may be granted on another day. If another day off cannot be arranged, the employee will be paid for the holiday.
      3. Official holidays occurring during a vacation period are not counted against vacation time.
    2. Required Work on a Holiday
      1. All nonexempt regular employees required to work on a holiday will receive 1-1/2 times their straight-time wage rate (premium pay) for the hours worked in addition to their holiday pay. 
      2. Employees working on a holiday will receive both premium pay for the hours worked on a holiday and, in addition, those hours will count toward the calculation of weekly overtime pay.
      3. Employees failing to work on a holiday when scheduled are not eligible for holiday pay unless excused by their supervisor.
      4. Exempt regular employees will receive compensatory straight time off if required by their administrative supervisor to work on a holiday.

Historical notes

Pursuant to CRR 340.040, the President designated the following days as observed holidays: 06/18/2021 Juneteenth Holiday; 06/20/2022 Juneteenth Holiday.

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Date Created: 09/26/1997
Updated: 02/09/1998; 11/01/2000; 01/01/2003; 08/23/2009; 10/23/2009; 08/22/2010; 02/01/2021; 02/22/2022; 12/01/2022

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