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HR-415 Winter Break Leave


The University provides an annual systemwide reduced operations period between the Christmas Day holiday through the day before the New Year’s Day as noted below.


Per Collected Rules and Regulations, Section 340.045: Winter Break Reduced Operations (Bd. Min 12-8-17):

  1. Period of Winter Break Reduced Operations
    The University will operate under a reduced operation plan during the period starting the day after Christmas Day holiday is observed and running through the end of the day before New Year’s Day holiday is observed. The dates of observation of those holidays shall be as specified in Section 340.040 of these Collected Rules and Regulations. This rule will not apply to the operations of University of Missouri Health Care or employees in that unit.
  2. Winter Break Reduced Operation Plan
    1. Each Chancellor will determine what operations will continue during the period of reduced operations and create a campus reduced operation plan, subject to approval by the President.
    2. The President will determine what operations will continue during the period of reduced operations for the System office and create a System office reduced operation plan.
  3. Compensation during Winter Break Reduced Operations
    1. Eligible Employees
      The following will apply to regular administrative, service and support (staff) employees and certain non-regular academic employees as approved by the Chancellor and President who are in positions that accrue vacation, sick and personal day leave.
      1. Such employees who are held out of work because of Winter Break Reduced Operations will receive Winter Break Leave, to be used during this time period only and not to exceed the amount of hours of their regular work schedule, with 99% to 75% FTE employees to receive on a prorata basis.
      2. Such employees who are required to work during Winter Break Reduced Operations, either pursuant to the reduced operation plan or due to call-in or call-back, will be allowed to use an equivalent amount of their Winter Break Leave hours at a later date. Those Winter Break Leave hours must be taken before November 30 of the following year or they will be forfeited.
  4. Special Considerations
    1. Variable Hour and Student Employees
      Variable Hour and Student Employees who do not work during Winter Break Reduced Operations will not receive Winter Break Leave. However, such employees may be requested to work and will be paid under normal pay procedures for hours worked.
    2. Leaves
      Notwithstanding any other provision, employees who are on leave of absence during Winter Break Reduced Operations will not be eligible for Winter Break Leave.

Further HR Policy Provisions

Additional HR-415 policy provisions below in accordance with CRR 340.045:

  1. Eligibility
    1. Winter Break Leave may be used during the probationary and qualifying periods as defined in HR-109 Probationary and Qualifying Periods, notwithstanding all other eligibility requirements for Winter Break Leave.
    2. Winter Break Leave applies regardless of funding source of salaries. 
  2. Other policy provisions
    1. Winter Break Leave does not count towards overtime.
    2. Any balance of unused Winter Break Leave is transferred with an employee from one department or campus to another, or forfeited upon transfer if the new unit/position is ineligible for Winter Break Leave.
    3. Payment for unused Winter Break Leave upon termination or retirement is not permitted.
  3. Procedures
    1. Winter Break Leave must be recorded in the University’s central payroll system as part of the regular payroll processing cycle.

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Date Created: 11/30/2018

Updated: 11/30/2018 

Reviewed 2020-01-27