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How to send One Card Statement(s) via University Outlook Email.

The following describes the general process that will be used to send purchasing card statements to the UM Procurement Imaging mailbox as defined in the sections below.

  1. All statement(s) for each cardholder should be saved into its own separate pdf or tif file.
  2. The statement is scanned through a multifunction (copier/scanner) device or scanner attached to the sender's pc.  The multipage tif or pdf file is stored on the user's desktop or a network share drive.  This file (s) will be attached to the Email to be sent to UM Procurement Imaging.
  3. Statements should be scanned in Landscape mode if the multifunction (copier/scanner) device or desktop scanner has a feeder wide enough to do so.
  4. The user's IT support personnel can be contacted for help in setting up the scanner to produce multipage tif or pdf files.
  5. The sender starts a new Outlook Email Message and will attach each of the statements scanned in the above steps to the email as an attachement.
  6. The TO: and SUBJECT: lines have to be the exact information below for statements to go into the correct campus drawer within the ImageNow system  Emails need to be addressed according to  the cardholder campus.  UMSYS department or extension statements should be addressed with "COLUM Dept Name" in the Subject line.

    • TO:  UM Procurement Imaging
    • SUBJECT:  ROLLA Dept Name

    • TO:  UM Procurement Imaging
    • SUBJECT:  KCITY Dept Name

    • TO:   UM Procurement Imaging
    • SUBJECT:  COLUM Dept Name

    • TO:  UM Procurement Imaging
    • SUBJECT:  STLOU Dept Name

Reviewed 2017-06-28.

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