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Fleet Information


The University of Missouri fleet card program is to allow fuel purchases for all University owned Vehicles. The fleet card program is apart of the Purchasing Card program and all policies are in affect. Currently the fleet card can not be used at any University Gas Pump the card is only accepted where MasterCard is accepted.

Pin #:

The fleet cards have a pin number that is to be used while making fuel purchases. The pin number prompts the user to enter the odometer reading which is needed for reporting purposes.


A receipt must support each fuel purchase. The receipts will need to be turned into the Approving Official by the end of each billing cycle. Departments may impose stricter rules regarding fleet purchases. For more information on receipts see the Purchasing Card Policy Manual section 3.8 Required Documentation.


The fleet card is associated with only the vehicle whose license plate number and department name that appear on the front of each card. The department whose name appears on the front of the card is the responsible party. The department Approving Official must reconcile all fleet card charges in the PaymentNet system.


The Statement of Account must be printed for each vehicle for a billing cycle and signed by the Approving Official. Billing Cycles run from the 25th of one month to the 24th of the next month. Review, sign and approve the Fleet Statement of Account (PeopleSoft) and send the Fleet Card Statements by the 10th of the month via the Imaging Fax System (573-884-1293).

Allowable Purchases:

The Fleet card can only be used for fuel purchases only. Any associated vehicle repairs, parts or service must be either billed to the University or paid by using the Purchasing Card if limits permit.

Fleet Card Limits:

The single purchase limit for the Fleet card is set at $75.00. The monthly limit is set at $1,000 with a limit of 5 purchases per day. These limits may be raised by using the Change/Cancellation form for existing cards or can be specified at the time the application is submitted to the Procurement Opeartions Department.

Reviewed 2011-03-04.

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