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PaymentNet is a web based software provided by JP Morgan.  It provides reconciliation and reporting capabilities for departments and is used by card administrators to create new accounts and manage existing cards.

The University of Missouri has been using PaymentNet since 2000, when JP Morgan because our card provider.  We recently migrated to the newest version of the software, PaymentNet 4 (on 17 February 2014).  Transaction detail from late December 2012 to date is currently available in PaymentNet, and going forward we will continue to make two years’ worth of data available.  All purchasing transaction data, regardless of date, will still be available through MIS Web Apps.

PaymentNet 4 Features include:

  • Cardholder Account Enhancement - Cardholders will be able to view their real-time account data within PaymentNet (current balance, available credit, reasons for declines).
  • Hierarchy Flexibility - Approvers/Editors with a need to access multiple departments within the system will be able to do so with one “ao-type” UserID and Password.
  • More Frequent Feeds to the General Ledger - Cut off deadlines for reconciliation will not change.  But, in addition to the monthly feed, weekly feeds will run to pick up those transactions departments have flagged as being reconciled and ready.

Link to PaymentNet

Links to training materials are below.  In response to P-card focus groups, dual documents have been created - one targeted for Cardholders who only edit their own transactions, and one  for Approving Officials (AO)-Editors who edit for all or multiple cardholders within their department. 

Available materials include:

  • Complete manuals featuring
    • Detailed instructions
    • Screenshots
    • Reference information including a glossary of terms, special documentation guide, featured queries and reports, and a comprehensive list of available reports.
  • Delta training documents highlighting
    • Differences between the previous Legacy PaymentNet and the new PaymentNet 4
    • New features and abilities of PaymentNet 4
  • Quick Reference Guides (To Be Developed)
    • In response to the PaymentNet 4 Training survey in early April 2014, we will be developing a series of quick reference guides for the common processes used in PaymentNet.

Also in response to the April survey, hands-on classes are being scheduled in the next few months on each campus.  Dates and times for these classes will be added to the Training Calendar (reservations are required).

PaymentNet Cardholder Manual

PaymentNet Approving Official & Editor Manual

Separate Views by Role - Updated 23 March 2015

Reviewed 2019-12-27

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